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Dr. Benson's Natural Mix Inc.

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NOVA SCOTIA CANADA, Clean High Grade Ocean Kelp. Salt Free Blended, Non Burning Formulas, No Nitrates, No Sulfates, No Chlorides. Safe For People, Pets and the Environment.

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Dr. Benson's Does Not Contribute To Harmful Run Offs. Clean Formulas, Excellent For Use Through Sprayers and Automatic Fertilizer Injectors. Apply Through The Root Zone And Through Foliage--Non Burning Formulas.

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COST EFFICIENT: Dr. Benson's Contains Beneficial Bacteria That Continues To Multiply In Soils. Dr. Benson's Helps Create A Natural Occurring Krebs Cycle To Maintain Plant Health In Between Applications.


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Dr. Benson's Natural Mix Inc.

4012 S.Rainbow Blvd #452 Las Vegas, NV 89103

(702) 768-2084 Direct

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